Breaking News: Senator Kamala Harris is dropping out of the race for the Democratic presidential nomination after months of slumping poll numbers, a dramatic comedown after a promising start
Various reasons why ’ candidacy was not successful. But a big one was her failure to reckon with her record as a prosecutor. Rather than admit what it actually was and account for the harm done, she called it progressive. It wasn’t.
An update: after Harris conducted a financial audit, it became clear that she would have to go into debt to sustain her campaign, per sources. Helps explain the sudden withdraw, even as she's qualified for next debate by me, , +
Harris told donors on a call Tues that she was up until 2 o'clock last night deciding what to do, concluded there was "no path" forward. She said she would have had to raise $5 million in 2 weeks – an impossibility. “I just don’t want to bullshit you."
Welp, I had a scoop about supporters starting a super pac,beginning a million-dollar ad buy in Iowa That’s, uh, not happening BUT: a la the Nixon speech for the astronauts *not* making it back from the moon, here it is for history’s sake >
Will miss her voice on the campaign trail, but look forward to hearing it roar in the Senate. via ⁦
By FAR the most significant dropout so far, in terms of where she was at the peak, in terms of the excitement around (and crowd at) her announcement, etc. >>>