Bevin is simply saying the quiet part loud, that the votes of urban dwellers — and blacks in particular — are less legitimate than the votes of white rural and exurban voters.
How could they have been “less well-informed” if so many of em knew enough to split ballots and voted for other statewide Republicans, who all won, while opposing ?
Matt Bevin says he lost #KYGov because the left was "able to go into urban communities" & "public housing projects." 1st: OK? 2nd: He isn't saying the words, but we know what he means. 3rd: Within days of taking office, Bevin disenfranchised 140K ppl.
In a particularly gross interview, Matt Bevin blames his loss on Dems “harvesting” votes in “urban cores” and by bringing “more less-informed people” to the polls.
Bevin Says He Lost Because Democrats 'Harvested Votes In Urban Communities'
Why would people in urban areas voting be bad, spell it out for me
Contemporary Republicans think "urban" (read: minority) votes are somehow inherently less legitimate than Real American votes. They barely make any effort to hide it any more.
That's right, we're working hard to reach college campuses, public housing projects, rural communities, and everywhere in-between so that all Americans are heard, .
interesting orthography for black people voting via
When you absolutely, hands down, have utter contempt for the very people you're supposed to represent. Good riddance.