A new piece by and I about philosophy, critical theory, "Social Justice," and delusion that's sure to be controversial.
“Deluded Departments” Academic philosophy departments have lost their way...
I get a positive mention in this piece by and taking contemporary philosophy to task. /1
"We once believed, naïvely, that being a philosopher was a prophylactic against believing bad ideas. But it’s just the opposite. Being a philosopher too often blinds you to your ideology." — &
New philosophy news! We have an open access article on our website, taken from the new issue of TPM. and on the contemporary sophistry that's poisoning academic philosophy.
Correct. And "academic philosophers" have done it many times. Look what these zealots did to me. They drove me & my family (victims of a sexual predator & stalker, Charlotte Coursier) out of our home, with a campaign of abuse, defamation & harassment.
Why (some) philosophers believe weird things (because they're smart and education and so good at rationalizing beliefs they hold for non-smart reasons). Thoughtful OpEd by
This may help to explain what happened to academic philosophers & their departments
“Deluded Departments,” The Philosophers’ Magazine (print and online), Issue 87, 4th Quarter 2019
By , battle scarred, but still swinging. ("Chicks dig scars.")
Academic philosophy is exactly the opposite
“Deluded Departments,” The Philosophers’ Magazine, 2019
Just wrote a long thread responding to this, which twitter decided to delete 3/4s of. Fortunately my stoic training kicked in: the ultimate reward is honour (/knowing you made good tweets) not award (/actually getting to tweet them). Bear and forebear.