Dr. Laurie Punch, a trauma surgeon in St. Louis, removes bullets from victims in the OR. In the community, she teaches people how to use tourniquets to stop bleeding. "The disease bullets bring does not yet have a name," she told Congress in September.
It's so fun watching people with promise grow up & realize their full potential. & I were summer counselors together and she was so obviously special then. Her work now is breathtaking - check it out
Profile of our own incredible ⁦⁩!!!!!! Trauma Surgeon Races To Heal Gun Violence In The OR And Neighborhoods : Shots - Health News : NPR
It’s a privilege to learn trauma surgery from someone so dedicated to serving her community. Thanks !
Violence can be contagious, St. Louis trauma surgeon Dr. Laurie Punch says. But so can healing. New piece by
Outstanding profile of excellent patient care, advocacy and courage! You’re an inspiration, Dr. Laurie Punch! ✨ #speaktruthtopower #thisisourlane #WomeninMedicine #BlackWomeninMedicine
Trauma Surgeon Races To Heal #GunViolence In The OR And Neighborhoods, by via #GunControl