Are you convinced that all Ethereum research is a scam? Offer me your sharpest criticism of ZK Sync. This construct here is phenomenal. From what I can tell, it is what sidechains were supposed to be, but better: offchain, trust-minimized, scalable, final.
We are excited to reveal our vision for ZK Sync: a trustless scaling and privacy solution for Ethereum, with an emphasis on great user and developer experiences.
Ethereum is on track to have orders of magnitude better scalabilty than Bitcoin if we don't put serious resources into this. I shifted my focus to pre-consensus to help fill a more immediate need but I can't wait to get back to ZK validation afterwards.
With the Ethereum Istanbul HF, ZK Rollups now possible and will allow Layer 2 scaling on Ethereum supporting upwards of 3000tps (larger than Visa), while maintaining decentralization and privacy. This is a big win for ETH-based stablecoins #usdc
This is both a cool new technical implementation of zk-SNARK tech, and also one of the best written essays I've read in crypto. It's not easy covering arcane technical topics with such an approachable and clear style.