The impact a small contribution, or prayer has is more than you could ever know. Thank you for sharing our #SaveFlintChallenge clean water mission. Please consider donating, or retweeting this to help us reach our goal.
December 21st 2018 (exactly one year ago) people found it in their heart to RT our clean water campaign for Flint over 50k times I've watched things change this year, less people care about the #FlintWaterCrisis now, and it's sad. Please RT if you care.
249.8K people donated to the Trump border wall gofundme. $25,297,700 in 11 months. 5.3K people donated to the #SaveFlintChallenge water relief gofundme. $205,342 in 1 year 6 months. Please help us reach at least 25K donors. This is our final goal.
Please show the residents of Flint that you still care. Do what you did when Flint's water crisis was popular. Everyone deserves clean water. Donate to the #SaveFlintChallenge here:
RVA FLINT: #SaveFlintChallenge