Begun, these digital currency wars have. via #bitcoin #crypto
Buckle up. The digital currencies are coming, like it or not. ₿🇺🇸💥🇨🇳 -
This piece argues argues that a digital yuan would give China leverage. But the example in it shows, to my mind, why the rest of world would be extremely wary about accepting it: the control that China gains would be others' loss.
Fascinating read from ⁦⁩ “This is an entirely new way for countries to operate in the world. It will make one or two actors all-powerful in the monetary system.” ⁦
“While bitcoin, the first successful cryptocurrency, was created to maintain anonymity in transactions, future digital currencies will be the opposite of anonymous.” ~ ⁦
Brace for the Digital-Money Wars - WSJ "Money has always been a powerful, blunt instrument. It’s an imposition not just of will, but of values"
As I was saying only the other day at the CSFI...
Enjoyable piece from on Digital Currency Wars.
Bitcoin was created to mimic the anonymity of cash; the digital currency wars may upend that model. via
Brace for the Digital-Money Wars