TWEETORIAL: There’s a lot of talk right now about McKinsey’s role in advising the Trump administration, pharma companies, and prisons. Less well known: The firm has also infiltrated global public health.
This is an important story in its own right, but there's a meta-level that's easy to miss. Why do so many smart young do-gooders, like Pete Buttigieg, decide to go to McKinsey out of college? What's the appeal?
Global health groups are supposed to serve the poor. Is their dependency on high-priced management consultants a problem?
Consulting agencies in global health. Do they work?
As of this moment, I am putting this straight into the 'must read' category for students on our Power and Politics in Global Health course: Devastating expose of the truth few speak to power about.
“The problem with the winner-take-all approach to solving public problems is that the winners, McKinsey among them, get to shape what change is and ignore their role in perpetuating the very problems they claim to be solving.”
This is why I state repeatedly that we need more investigative journalism in #globalhealth
How McKinsey infiltrated the world of global public health: a critical take on the slippery slope of privatisation of global heatlh as a common good via
McKinsey infiltrated the world of global public health. Here’s how. - Vox
“The hundreds of millions spent on consultants and lack of systematic more concerning when you consider one feature that makes global health different...When consultants’ advice fails, it’s the lives of the poor and marginalized on the line”
How Management Consultants are shaping Global (Public) Health. Fact : BMGF spent $300 million on McKinsey & BCG between 2006-2017 ! In 2005-2006, global health activities at McKinsey consisted of 10 to 15 projects per year.
A very thoughtful piece by raising important questions for all of us in #globalhealth : How McKinsey infiltrated the world of global public health via
“The corporate way of thinking has become the way global health organizations think.”
This is #globalhealth required reading. There is much more to come. Not least the Rajat Gupta role, Mckinsey in Indian AIDS response, etc etc.
“The situation was no longer British colonizers helping themselves to your country ... It was well-suited people with laptops offering to solve social problems, often pro bono, without needing to know much.” -
Huge congratulations to & whose meticulously reported deep-dive on management consultants in global health is now live. It's an incredibly rich piece that raises critical questions about doing right by the world’s poor
A MUST READ: a investigation by details how McKinsey & BCG infiltrated the world of public health w/ $300M from The Gates Foundation. 80-plus global health leaders & staff spoke on how biz consultants have flooded this sector.
Great research & writing on the insidious impact of consulting firms like on global health admin & practice. Not all malpractice (some great people) but no excuse for not to be 💯 transparent on these contacts.
This, by , is a must read for your Sunday.
How McKinsey infiltrated the world of global public health via
Investigation into the rise of McKinsey consulting in global health. I'm wondering how much $ firms like Google put into consultants, for comparison. But since taxpayers & philanthropists pay for this work, they should be told when consultant advice fails.
What happened when the brought consultants McKinsey and BCG to , and others in global health? Great reporting by and on the power wielded by big #philanthropy via ht
If you read one piece this month on #globalhealth, it needs to be this one. ⁩ is asking all the right questions about the role of private consultants (McKinsey, BCG, etc) in being the leaders solving the problems of the poor.
Health. We can do little without it, so December's piece in by and (on the McKinseyfication of the WHO) was a timely reminder to care more about how it is managed (as was the state of the NHS in UK election).
Global health agencies like WHO “should be avoiding any management company that has linkages with the food, health care or tobacco sectors" says obesity expert Barry Popkin. Consultancies help grow the market for processed foods worldwide.
#McKinsey: hidden actor in #globalhealth? Very interesting report by on how global health governance is being shaped by the (a well-known story) and by (a less well-known story)
This excellent article clearly shows urgency for #France not to put all its money in large multilateral funds & to promote "A French care approach" as new tool for global health to challenge the anglosphere's distorting neoliberal hegemony #globalhealth
Provocative piece by and on the growing role of consultants in #globalhealth. v
"But how these secretive businesses, which mostly profit from serving corporate interests, are shaping global public health is an open question — and one that’s hard to answer." #GlobalHealth #Consulting #ManagementConsulting #PublicHealth
Many of those in leadership have consulting backgrounds, so this might be a difficult piece for them to read, but they should & carefully.
"Can consultants take credit for solving global health problems while also working for the industries that exacerbate them?" Long read by and
I very highly recommend this excellent piece by & — on & the problems caused by the consultification of the global public health world
ICYMI. “Global health, a field dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of the poor and most vulnerable, has quietly developed a penchant for highly-paid management consultants and their business world tools.”
as w/ tobacco WHO should "take a similar tough stand on the alcohol and sugar industries... There is an inherent... conflict of interest if WHO is engaging consultancy firms that work with companies whose products harm health outcomes”
Should pay consultants like to guide governance reforms? in rpts: WHO paid consultants $12 mil, 1/4 paid by . Value for money? force for good, but does it have outsized influence?
“There is an inherent tension and conflict of interest if is engaging consultancy firms that also work with companies whose products harm health outcomes": one of the most important quotes in and 's piece, if you ask me
There's been a lot of justifiable buzz abt this powerful piece on McKinsey & other consulting cos taking over global health. I'd add, based on my yrs , that & also stopped listening to & supporting think tanks & academics.
Useful read to begin understanding how some consulting firms are (intentionally or not) basically working both sides and making loads of $$ along the way.
How McKinsey infiltrated the world of global public health #GlobalHealth
noted that despite “calls for the #WHO to take a similar tough stand on the #alcohol and sugar industries, we haven’t seen much progress in that yet.” 
This article builds a compelling moral and empiric case for examining and extracting these parasitic, conflicted, ineffective entities from #Globalhealth #CDOH
A primer on McKinsey & Co in health sector by & Somehow I feel this isn’t going to end well
When the meagre resources earmarked for global health go to the highest-paid consultants in the world, who simultaneously advise industries that are exacerbating public health problems — where is the justice in that kind of development?
Good piece and . Well done. Unfortunate that it is published on a midDecember afternoon in Geneva when no one will read it.
Excellent policy research. Bravo ⁦⁩ ! To me also explaining why so frequent recommendation to include #privatesector in #globalhealth. #connectionsoverevidence McKinsey infiltrated the world of global public health. Here’s how.
"“The one thing that WHO staff didn’t want,” said a senior official who was involved in the reform process, “is a McKinsey type of reform"
McKinsey consultants, Gates & the corporatisation of #globalhealth Essential long read
Is management consulting a new form of colonization in global health? A deep dive and analysis by &
“After 30 years of work at many institutions, nothing done by management consultants comes to my mind as having been brilliant, and a lot has been inappropriate and wasteful of time and resources” said , on global health consultants.
So why does this matter? We talked to more than 80 global health leaders and staff, current and former consultants at multiple firms, researchers, health care professionals, and NGO workers to find out. And heard a lot of concerns.
How McKinsey infiltrated the world of global public health via
Before Bill Gates was a hero, Vox wrote this piece...
So read this story on how McKinsey got into global public health, and think about how these same facts are used by their recruiting department, how powerful they are to kids who need a job, want to do good, and need to pay down student loans.
“Global health, a field dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of the poor and most vulnerable, has quietly developed a penchant for highly paid management consultants and their business world tools.” ⁦⁩ ⁦
Important questions raised about lack of transparency of global health agencies, conflict of interest & inflated costs of consultancy companies and colonialism in global health. Not all arguments are bullet proof but the article is a must read.
Must-read from on the role of financial consultants in #globalhealth decision-making, including how consultancy in this domain differs from others: “When consultants’ advice fails, it’s the lives of the poor and marginalized on the line.” [
Un trabajo de reportaje, largo, acucioso e intenso, que se enmarca haciendo una pregunta incómoda: ¿de dónde sale y a dónde se va la plata de la salud global? Varios nombres grandes, OMS, Gates, McKinsey, etc. Recomendable lectura.
In short : Consultants "provided business solutions that didn’t make sense. The private sector models have not been particularly helpful.” Excellent piece about how consulting firms invaded global health
Interesting story: "How McKinsey infiltrated the world of global public health" via
⁩ ⁦⁦⁩ exposes devastating truth about the “open secret” in global health... our dependency on consultancy firms! Share your story - this is #accountability #complexity #politicsinhealth ⁦
A Must Read by ⁦⁦⁩ “The problem with winner-take-all winners get to shape what change is & perpetuate the problems they claim to solve.” Insights from ⁩ ⁦
Why do people trust vox with anything?
For more, including internal McKinsey documents about their reasons for getting into global health, read the story. -FIN
How McKinsey infiltrated the world of global public #health via
Interesting article on strategy consultants in global health. I'd love to hear thoughts from the GH community on whether and in what situations it makes sense to engage strategy consulting firms. #McKinsey #BCG
McKinsey's infiltration, Gates's influence, WHO's dependence - these are just symptoms of many deep-seated, long-standing pathologies of #GlobalHealth's operations. #DecolonizeGlobalHealth
Great read on McKinsey and other consulting firms in the changing (corporate lens) world of global health. Nicely builds on ' arguments. Great reading for a #medsoc, #medanth, or #pophealth course.
How the Gates Foundation took on the "reform" of the World Health Organization (WHO) - hiring Boston Consulting Group & McKinsey, which famously also advised on how to maximize sales of opiods.
Time for a #longread today? Make it this - crucial lessons for and other #globaldev orgs. If you don't think about how the private sector works, money can be wasted, as examples in #health with Illustrate
Well, maybe we should look at McKinsey & Co’s track record in public health... my colleague did. Serious questions to be asked about whoever hired them.
Interesting article from at on ubiquity of management consultants in global health. But I think focus is somewhat misplaced: "Never ascribe to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence"
McKinsey infiltrated the world of global public health. Here’s how. - Vox