1. A thread on this very fine profile of Warren - -, my own piece on Warren and public choice - and a nearly forgotten 2011 Internet spat. Short version: Elizabeth Warren is a left neo-liberal with a theory of politics.
She is, as argues, a pro-market leftist, in a way that sets her apart from the field, and makes for a contrast with both Sanders and Bloomberg.
“Warren is reviving a pro-market left that has been neglected for decades... Like the late Mancur Olson, Warren is not a socialist but a left-wing capitalist, who wants to use public choice ideas to cleanse both markets and the state of their corruption.”
Why should free-thinking libertarians, free marketeers, and public choice aficionados keep an open mind about ⁦⁩? Let ⁦⁩ wise you up.
Sen. Elizabeth Warren is betting that capitalism can solve major problems in the U.S., so long as the government tackles inequality and defangs the special interests that have parasitized political and economic systems, Henry Farrell writes.
Very good piece by on the ideas underlying Warren's program
is there such thing as a "capitalist left?" says yes and Elizabeth Warren embodies it
Although I usually find very thoughtful, this article seems misguided on multiple levels. 1/n
Except that most socialists, in the American context, are basically left-wing capitalists. That's one reason Bernie touts the Nordic model, which isn't exactly anti-capitalist
The Democratic candidate is part of a long intellectual tradition that’s gone forgotten in the West: pro-market leftism.
In it, I praise Warren, because I think she grasps the incentives and dynamics of the corruption doom loop better than anyone, in part for reasons points to: she started out as a right-leaning public choice and law and economics scholar.
2. (and for my summary of the academic lit, see here - ). Also, I've a new piece in that talks about Warren's general approach to economics, and argues that it is based in a kind of left public choice - (paywalled).