A year after passing SESTA/FOSTA, meant to target online sex trafficking, some U.S. lawmakers are reconsidering. Law enforcement officials say it can now be harder to track traffickers, and advocates say sex workers have been put in danger.
Blumenthal, who has been attacking websites sex workers use for ads (first Craigslist, then Backpage) since at least 2008. Now he blames sex workers for the results of his own law.
The unintended (but totally foreseeable) effects of FOSTA: Law enforcement officials say that it is sometimes more difficult to track traffickers, because the law pushed them further underground. Advocates say that sex workers now face higher safety risks
I feel like was saying this about a year ago though...
Moralizing ideology has always frustrated attempts to properly regulate sex work, e.g., prostitution exists only b/c of the devil, capitalism, patriarchy, etc The focus should be on what regs most benefit/protect sex workers & it probably isn't FOSTA-SESTA