New paper by me about the history of scholarly review. Recent works have argued that peer review is in some ways very new. I argue that in other ways it’s very old. #scholcomm #peerreview
Fascinating article where argues for a broader & longer view of #scholarlyreview #peerreview, with examples going back to Ancient Rome - an enjoyable must-read (ht )
"There is a prevalent myth that peer review began fully formed in the seventeenth or early eighteenth century," says Mark Hooper. [Actually developed by Americans in 1950s because of concerns about political interference in grant reviews]
Just caught up with this article by on the history of scholarly review, arguing that elements of #peerreview date back to at least 1st century BC Rome #Cicero
But for an even longer view
Did you know that roots of peer review are in ancient Rome? The case of Atticus and Cicero is an ancient precursor of editorial review
"If we want to learn from the history of scholarly review, then we should take a broader and longer view." - #peerreview #scholcomm