How Biden trivializes systematic oppression and pain - a devastatingly insightful essay by the Irish writer Fintan O’Toole
This essay on Joe Biden is incredible. It manages to capture both his appeal and his shortxomings in a really incisive and specific way.
Best, most revealing piece on that I’ve read. The pitilessness of time: The Designated Mourner via
I have rarely read as brilliant an essay on any contemporary figure as this new one from on Joe Biden, interweaving grief, tragedy, the Kennedys, Irish America and the presidency. Take an hour of your day and absorb yourself thoroughly in it.
Best single piece of the election campaign so far, maybe
Given he is the second most likely American leader at the end of this year, there has been precious few good new profiles of Joe Biden. But this by was excellent - on his "Gothic" history and hands on Irishness.....
this by is so good :The Designated Mourner via
The Designated Mourner: Stunning language and analysis of by ⁦⁩ ⁦
Given last night’s results, reposting this incredible article by on Joe Biden: on his Irish-American identity, perennial presidential runs, 60ies politics nostalgia and fixation on continuing the legacy of the Kennedy family.
Biden has chosen to define himself by his Irishness. In part, this seems a reflects his identification with the Kennedys, but as points out in this perceptive essay, Biden identifies with Irish idea of loss
Thanks to for pointing me toward this essay, which now seems so prescient highlighting Biden's capacity for shared sorrow, a trait much needed by a grieving nation.
This is an incredibly good piece and this is an incredibly good sentence from the piece
"A politics of white resentment has drowned out the plaintive wail of common sorrow. The valley of tears has been annexed as a bastion of privileged white, male suffering."
Goodness, this essay on Biden by