Roger Scruton wrote beautifully in the Christmas issue of The Spectator of what he had gained from the past year:
Sir Roger Scruton, RIP. We have lost one of the great minds of our time. Roger was a brilliant polymath, a fearless thinker, and a dear friend to me and . We shall miss him. Read his moving valedictory article here
A very moving diary of 2019 from Roger Scruton
Roger Scruton: My 2019
"Because I have taken their experiences seriously over the years, the Poles consider me entitled to their Order of Merit [...] With an added touch of Polish humour they also confer the Ministry of Culture’s prize for architecture."
Roger Scruton's reflections on his life in 2019.
Just read this . Wonderful piece.
Full essay here
"During this year much was taken from me... But much more was given back."