It's valuable to engage with people who take an opposing view.
Great advice on how to become a better scientist, from , the president of . "Take an aisle seat," meaning, sit near people who disagree with you on a specific issue, so you can make each other smarter.
A great and wise piece by on ‘taking an aisle seat’ to work collaboratively through academic differences.
good article by APS President Lisa Feldman Barrett on adversarial and other useful collaborations, and she gives a deeply felt apology to those offended by her mean-spirited words toward young evolutionary psychologists
This year, let’s all make a resolution to cultivate new opportunities for discovery and progress in our scientific work. Great column by She offers concrete advice for generating a productive adversarial scientific collaboration
“Instead of [...] blasting them on Twitter, or eviscerating them as an anonymous reviewer [...] why not invite them out for tea or have a video chat?” I agree w/ most of the rest of this column but this bit of advice works better for profs than ECRs.
I love talking with . She models the kind of openness and curiosity about opposing views that make academic life fun and productive, as you can see in her recent essay on taking an "aisle seat"
This is pretty cool. Accelerate science via collaboration and constructive criticism.