#Iraq is reconsidering its relationship with the U.S.? A relationship in which we give them $2 billion a year & they privately beg us to stay & help them fight #ISIS & counter-balance #Iran. But they get to publicly condemn us for protecting our troops?
I suspect history will look back on the Suleimani assassination as the moment the US lost the long war in Iraq. The political consequences will cost the government far more presence in the region than any Iranian response.
Cannot overstate how much i (we all?) owe Iraqi journalists like Falih Hassan who have risked — and lost — their lives to tell Iraq’s stories and help foreign colleagues Oh and writes the hell out of this story
“It could well turn out that the killing of General Suleimani, intended as a shot against Iran, could accelerate one of Iran’s long-term objectives: pushing the United States military out of Iraq.” via Falih Hassan, &
Told : “In his death he put final nail in the coffin of the US military presence in #Iraq...If Iran can erase the US military presence in Iraq and all it has to do is give up five Iranian military men, would Iran do it? I think the answer is yes.”
I don’t know why libs are so bent out of shape about the killing of Suleimani, it advanced U.S. interests in the region, like *checks notes* American oil workers fleeing Iraq as fears grew of war between the United States and Iran.