Congratulations, Mr. President, with one reckless move, you have ceded Iraq to Iran, put our soldiers and our allies at greater risk, given ISIS a reprieve, united a divided Iran which will now revive its nuclear weapons program. Well done, Sir.
Breaking News: Iraqi lawmakers have voted to oust U.S. troops over the killing of Iranian General Suleimani. In Iran, hundreds of thousands of people turned out into the streets to pay their respects.
Unmitigated disaster and utterly predictable
As predicted, lawmakers in Iraq voted to expel United States troops from the country. This is phase one. In phase two, I think the PMF might possibly declare ‘resistance’ against what they will now claim as an illegal American occupation. via
Iraq's parliament votes to expel the US troops from the country. Great work,
BAGHDAD — Lawmakers in Iraq heeded the demands of angry citizens and voted on Sunday to expel United States troops from the country, as hundreds of thousands of mourners poured into the streets of Iran...
The vote is not final until Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi of Iraq signs the draft bill. But since he drafted the language and submitted the bill to Parliament, there was little doubt he would sign it.
They’re expelling us as liberators.
"After the vote in Iraq calling on the government to expel American troops, Iranian officials reacted with congratulatory messages."
3. At the same time, the Iraqi parliament has voted to expel American forces from Iraq, as and just reported
Iraqi lawmakers have just voted to eject U.S. troops from their country over the U.S. killing of Iranian General Suleimani. Meanwhile, over in Iran, hundreds of thousands of people turned to the streets to mourn the assassinated terrorist.
The debacle deepens. #worldwar3 looms as the old allies of US try to stave off growing disaster.
American-led coalition in Iraq/Syria announced it would pause its mission of fighting the #IslamicState (ISIS) & training local forces in both countries. A pullout of the 5,200 US troops could cripple the fight against the #ISIS allow its resurgence.
Iraqi Lawmakers Vote to Expel U.S. Troops as Iran Mourns a Slain General
“#Iran Ends #Nuclear Limits as #Killing of Iranian General Upends #Mideast.” Not feeling #safer.