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Treat people as individuals, not members of groups: "identity politics, with its notion of group-based power reassignment, is not the appropriate response to the undeniable existence of racism, sexism and homophobia; the principle of equal rights is."
The brief treatment here of the pitfalls of identity poilitics is the clearest rationale I’ve seen. Steven pinker | thoughts of an intellectual - IntellectInterviews
Steven pinker | thoughts of an intellectual - IntellectInterviews
Pinker on climate change denial "[T]he cause of climate change denial is not scientific ignorance but political tribalism. Climate change got branded a left-wing issue... At the same time there's a strand of denial on the left."
Pinker on identity politics "It's insulting to women and people of color to evaluate their opinions based on their census traits, as if they all thought alike, or their arguments could not stand on their merits."
"Sweden slashed its carbon emissions by rapidly building out nuclear power plants while following a standard design, which is necessary to make it affordable." —Steven Pinker Also, why people should read The Selfish Gene by