Happy to welcome this non-partisan group of patriotic Americans to our leadership team! #CountryOverParty #DoTheRightThing
Our new video on Lt Col Alex Vindman passed over 1 million views in 24 hours.
"Barr’s actions set a dangerous precedent and should alarm all Americans." response on DOJ involvement in Roger Stone's sentencing.
It is clear that in exchange for power and money these “pastors” have been tasked with recasting 's absurdities and moral failures as nothing short of prophetic divinity.
In case y'all thought we weren't on task today due to your little hissy fit fake temper tantrum, think again. has a new ad out, and if you think there are prisoners to be taken, you're wrong.
Watch our new video and sign the petition calling on our Senators to conduct a fair and open #ImpeachmentTrial And RT to pass it on! #CountryOverParty #DoYourJob
If Pres can obstruct his own investigation,he places himself above the Constitution, the people. Sign our petition 4 fair trial rules for the #ImpeachmentTrial of #CountryOverParty #ImpeachmentTrialRules
We demand Republican Senators consider the impeachment charges against Trump on their merits. Will you stand with us? 📺Watch the video ✍️Sign the petition
BANNON IS SCARED we will defeat "If anyone can stop Trumpism, it has to be people like you and me who aren’t afraid of a fight" Read & share: #CountryOverParty
📺WATCH how Senate Republicans are shamelessly shirking their constitutional duty to protect . Demand an open, honest trial. Add your name here 👉
Never put much thought into online petitions and vowed to only sign one reviving the series ‘Moonlighting’ with the OG cast. This is the first time I’ve taken it seriously which makes me both ashamed and honored. ⁦⁦⁦⁦⁦⁦
Honored to be part of the #LincolnProject senior advisors team. This movement is bigger than it’s about the future of our Republic. It’s about who the “Party of Lincoln” will be after Trump is gone. Read the Press Release
"Barr’s actions set a dangerous precedent and should alarm all Americans." -
Hey , it's about the tests!!