New: the NYT obtained a controversial internal memo by Facebook executive Andrew “Boz” Bosworth, in which he warned the company not to tilt the scales against Trump in 2020, comparing it to a scene from Lord of the Rings. 
The book doesn’t end when Galadriel declines the ring. Personal restraint isn’t enough. The ring must be cast into a pit of fire, so that no one else can ever abuse the terrible power it bestows. Which is quite an analogy to apply to your platform, right?
It appears Facebook leadership has a difficult time conceptualizing what it means to act in the interest of the public. Giving people what we want isn't the same as providing the information we need for democracy to function
NEW: The NYT has published an internal memo by longtime FB executive , in which he warns Facebook not to tip the scals towards Trump in 2020. Come for the discussion about FB's role in democracy, stay for the Lord of the Rings comparison
good new motto here Facebook: It's less fatal than bacon!
They're going to call internal FB posts 'memos' forever, aren't they? Also, Boz is absolutely posting these in the full knowledge they'll get eventually leaked, and the NYT is doing PR for FB. But anyhow, let's dive in...
heres an internal memo from a Facebook exec warning insiders not to alter the company’s political advertising policy in the face of increased pressure (w )
"my grandfather simply ate bacon until he died, a noble cause" a facebook exec said
Don’t Tilt Scales Against Trump, Facebook Executive Warns - The New York Times
"Mr. Bosworth said he believed Facebook was responsible for Mr. Trump’s 2016 election victory, but not because of Russian interference or the Cambridge Analytica scandal...Mr. Trump simply used Facebook’s advertising tools effectively."
ah yes, the main factor for determining our next president should be how good their Facebook ad strategy is
Nothing in this Fb exec’s essay explains why it shouldn’t limit political ad microtargeting, realistically manipulated misinfo videos, & clearly false claims about opponents
Something tells me FB comms team wishes Boz would stop writing memos. Don’t Tilt Scales Against Trump, Facebook Executive Warns
In an act of exquisite timing, has literally embarked on a trek into the Sahara desert today. (Though he did post something about this before going Lawrence of Arabia on us.) Happy birthday, Boz!
Don’t Tilt Scales Against Trump, Facebook Executive Warns