Exclusive: The EU is boosting its spending in #Eritrea with minimal monitoring of the use of forced conscripts in its road project — our deep dive into Europe‘s shifting engagement w Eritrea’s dictator, and handing euros no-strings-attached via
This is so not OK -- The EU gives aid to Eritrea to support road-building using forced labor in order to prevent migration of Eritreans to Europe
Eritreans flee a regime that conscripts them into forced labour; Europe wants to reduce the number of Eritrean refugees so gives money to Eritrea, which then spends it on forced labour. Must-read investigation from
it's 2020! time to stop using expressions like "stem the flow of migrants" to describe humans moving to another country. i know dek space is limited but come on!
I cant handle how sanctimonious the EU is on promoting their version of EU-first policies. Just own the decision to support forced labor in Eritrea, rebels in Libya, and the RSF in Sudan. These policies run totally counter to any human rights agenda.
How Forced Labor in Eritrea Is Linked to E.U.-Funded Projects
“Human rights are at the core of all of the E.U.’s external actions.” What a load of nonsense.
EU funding forced-labour project in Eritrea (the very thing Eritreans are fleeing from) to try to reduce migration from Eritrea