It's only January 9th and we already have the first professor fired for political speech of 2020. Asheen Phansey was an adjunct at Babson College. On Wednesday, he made an incredibly tame joke on his private Facebook page.
A lot of people who are very much IN FAVOR of people getting fired over bad tweets are decrying this awful, cowardly move by Babson. Stop. This is the world you want! College Professor Out After Joke Suggesting Iran List U.S. Cultural Targets
UPDATE: Adjunct Prof. Asheen Phansey is out at Babson after his Facebook post joking that Iran should target American cultural sites. “Based on the results of the investigation, the staff member is no longer a Babson College employee,” said college.
BREAKING: Asheen Phansey is no longer employed by Babson College after joking that Iran should target Minnesota’s Mall of America and a home of the Kardashian family.
This is ridiculous. People really shouldn’t lose their jobs at colleges over jokes. And at least some of the items on the list were funny. Babson Adjunct Prof. Asheen Phansey Out After ‘Sloppy’ Joke Suggesting Iran List U.S. Cultural Sites to Bomb.
Your regular reminder that giving up on free speech and academic freedom may not work out quite the way you're thinking...
This is how precarious being an adjunct professor is. You tweet a totally inane, mild joke in a private post on FB, some right-wing nutjob somehow finds out about it, and in two days you're fired. via
These stories are tough. On one hand, I hate when people get fired over jokes. In this case, if you bend over backwards to assume it was a "joke," he's still an asshole. I think at the end of the day, it's the decision of the free market/employer
Another prof sacked for saying something unpopular. This has to stop. It's madness.
College Professor Out After Joke Suggesting Iran List U.S. Cultural Targets via
The staggering dearth of courage in higher education leadership these days: Babson edition. This wasn't even hard - the correct response to the troll army was GFY, and this all goes away because the trolls are also cowards. 1/