I stared to screenshot a paragraph of this to show how ingenious it is. Then I wanted to tweet all of the paragraphs. Just read this stunning & enlightening piece by ⁦⁩.
God damn this is good. It’s not really about Elizabeth Wurtzel; it’s about my generation watching a way of life vanish from under them
This column is all you need to read to make sense of the shifting fortunes of the creative class. Please read to the end, where she really sticks the landing. (Also, I am nominating Bellafante for president.)
This hits hard, personally and otherwise.
spot on essay that beautifully, acerbically synthesizes a lot of what i’ve been thinking about this week (and i just started the book, too)
An excellent piece on the fortunes of the generation of NYC writers and "creatives" of which Wurtzel was a perhaps representative figure
Ginia Bellafante on what happened to all those bright young Gen-Xers. Really good piece.
Crisis of the Creative Class ...
“I kind of like it,’’ she wrote. “I have been the most impossible person my whole life, and now I no longer have to make excuses. Now I’m just like, ‘I have cancer.’ And people are like, ‘By all means, ruin our lives. Wreck the house.’”
Sounds about right to me, too. RIP - Elizabeth Wurtzel and the Illusion of Gen-X Success
“People who managed to parlay an early interest in Willa Cather or the Franco-Prussian War into a bohemian affluence that seemed to operate at a level of cruise control...”
Elizabeth Wurtzel and the Illusion of Gen-X Success This is quietly devastating
Elizabeth Wurtzel and the Illusion of Gen-X Success - The New York Times
Elizabeth Wurzel's death has sparked some terrifying mediations on what happened to my generation, like this one by
So I started off resenting this column and by the end I was nodding in agreement as I walked down Mass Ave...