Oh dear God the world is a lesser place without you in it Sir Roger. My heart is broken. 😩 I have no words. He came to Michaela and spoke to us about fox hunting. I insisted. Because I hate fox hunting! 😀 He was so lovely, clever. I will miss him.
RIP Sir Roger Scruton, a wide-ranging and highly stimulating philosopher who did not conform to prevailing orthodoxies. His voice will be missed.
Sir #RogerScruton dies at 75 after cancer battle
Sir Roger Scruton dead: Former Tory adviser dies at 75 after cancer battle
Terrible news. RIP Sir Roger. Always admired your clarity of thought and bravery, even when I disagreed with you. (This piece dodges the fact that he was sacked due to the unethical behaviour of and the spinelessness of some politicians.)
Does anyone know the story behind this comment about Roger Scruton’s relationship with his father? ‘However, his father stopped talking to him after he told his family he had got a place at the university.’
Looks like the most racist of the 20th c philosophers of music (and that's a hard battle to win, lots of competition) has died
Sad news. He had a large heart and I always enjoyed our conversations, despite our political disagreements.