On the death of Roger Scruton: 'A man who seemed bigger than the age'.
If Roger Scruton sometimes fitted uncomfortably with the age in which he found himself it was principally because he did not believe in its guiding tone of encouraged animosity and professionalised grudge, writes
"A man who seemed bigger than the age" - Douglas Murray on his friend Roger Scruton, who died today
We are deeply saddened to hear about the passing of the peerless British intellectual Sir Roger Scruton. There is much to be said about his life and influence, but Douglas Murray puts it best.
Roger Scruton: A man who seemed bigger than the age | Coffee House
'Whatever his complex views on faith, he lived a truly Christian attitude of forgiveness and hope for redemption. ... a spirit of gratitude for what you have received, and forgiveness for what you have not.'
"They might have asked him about Immanuel Kant, or Hegel, or the correct attitude in which to approach questions of our day... But they didn’t. They wanted cheap gotchas. That is the shame of this country’s media and intellectual culture, not his".
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