DEVASTATING: New front-page NY Times story on leading America into the Iraq War & now trying to hide his record. This line is key: “ saw the same information and had the judgment to vote against the Iraq war." #JoeVotedForTheWar
“many of his comments provided cover for proponents of the war...”
NEW:on cusp of vote to authorize force in Iraq,Biden thought he’d crafted a pragmatic alternative resolution—but liberal ”purity,” he fumed, was interfering. ⁦⁩ & I look at what fall 2002reveals about Biden &how he got to yes on Iraq
For most of the last 17 years, Biden has been trying to explain his vote to authorize the Iraq, sometimes trying to falsely revise history along the way. ⁦
"On the campaign trail this election cycle, [Joe Biden] has suggested he opposed the war and Mr. Bush’s conduct from the beginning, claims that do not match the historical record."
Joe Biden’s Vote for War