I went to elementary school with a kid who had polio - and let me tell you... you do NOT want polio. No one should suffer from a vaccine-preventable disease. So on this #WorldPolioDay, I’m joining in the fight to #EndPolio because #VaccinesWork.
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Today is #WorldPolioDay! Around the globe, Rotary members and supporters are showing their passion for creating a polio-free world by sharing their #MyEndPolio photo. Add your photo today to take part
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World Polio Day is on 24 October. How are you taking part? Register an event here: #endpolio
This #WorldPolioDay watch ’s 5th annual live streamed event on October 24th. #endpolio
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No child should suffer from a vaccine-preventable disease. This #WorldPolioDay, learn how to join with to help #endpolio for good
Smallpox is the only human disease ever eradicated. Let’s make polio the second! Join the fight to #endpolio with on #WorldPolioDay
The laboratory networks, disease tracking systems & outbreak response expertise of the polio program are deployed every day to deliver support beyond eradication & provide better health for all. #EndPolio #WorldPolioDay Learn more:
. Henrietta Fore shares how the joint work that #Rotary members, , and our partners have done to train community health workers is fighting #Covid19. Join us for #WorldPolioDay to learn more ->
Take part in #WorldPolioDay on Oct. 24! Join and for a live global update on ending polio.
On #WorldPolioDay, we celebrate our two-decades long effort with to end polio. It’s an enormous task, but one that has been made possible through this incredible partnership, ensuring all children are protected.
Take part in #WorldPolioDay on 24 October by hosting an event in your community. Find resources to get involved and register your event.
Health workers in Pakistan are committed to reaching every child with the polio vaccine. #endpolio #WorldPolioDay
One Day. One Focus: Ending Polio. On Oct 24th, watch ’s livestream on global #progress on the road to #EndPolio: #WorldPolioDay 2018
Get involved in #WorldPolioDay by hosting an event in your community. See how you can be part of ending only the second human disease in history. #endpolio
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In summer 2019, I joined the #Rotary Club of Beirut Cedars for their Walk to End Polio. Add your #endpolio photo to take part in #MyEndPolio to support #WorldPolioDay. ->
Take action for #WorldPolioDay. Share your voice, become an advocate, host a virtual or physically distant event, and watch #Rotary's global update on 24 October.
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Where are we in the fight to #EndPolio? Watch International’s #WorldPolioDay programme to find out