Never saw this on the side of a bus! Costing far more, and giving far less than all those promises they made back in 2016. This money could fund our NHS, tackle homelessness, and deal with the real problems UK faces. #ExposingTheLies #HoldThemToAccount
Shocking, but not surprising: the economic cost of #Brexit now exceeds what we’ve net paid-in to the EU over 47 years.
#Brexit already set to cost more than #Britain’s net contribution to EU over 47 years !
The cost of Brexit has been predicted to hit £200 billion this year - totalling more than the UK has paid into the EU over 47 years.
Brexit has now cost more than the UK's net contributions to the EU over 47 years
THE COST OF BREXIT: the economic cost of Brexit exceeds what we’ve paid-in to the EU in the past 47 years.