OK, OK, people are figuring out how Nudgeboy Thaler et al. /Behavioral Econ is pseudoscience.
"most studies on cognitive biases are flawed. They either rely on small sample sizes, misinterpret individual errors for systematic biases or underestimate how people absorb information based on how a fact or question is framed"
The Bias Bias: Academics are often biased in "seeing" biases that are either not there or exaggerated. Nice Bloomberg article. Except it unjustifiably paints Gigerenzer as a bit of a crank. IDK him personally, but, imho, he's more right than Kahneman.
The discussion about bias bias is definitely a controversial topic. I believe the way to move forward is to find reliable evidence (for or against). is currently preparing a #replication project of some of the common biases.
Behavioral economics has a bias problem of its own. Specifically, it sees evidence of behavioral bias everywhere it looks