All: I wrote a PRIMER on Matteo Salvini for . This is not a thinkpiece but is rather an introduction to the Salvini phenomenon for Americans. Please give it a read, like and RT. (Part 2 to come).
I have written two separate pieces on Matteo Salvini, the rise of Populism in Italy, and how they fit into historical and contemporary contexts. Please give them a read, let me know what you think, and suggest new pieces.
Niccolo Soldo: Having won Italians over to the idea of a Europe of sovereign nations, the leader of Italy’s Lega Party has positioned himself to complete the task of “making Italians” that began a century and a half ago.
Who is ⁦⁩ and how can Americans better understand his and his rise to great leadership roles? Read this to find out!
Gelato Populism: The Rise of Matteo Salvini – American Greatness