In , I offer my take on intersectionality. In short, it doesn't describe reality very well, it ignores intra-identity suffering, and it creates a harmful social incentive structure on elite college campuses, where it dominates the culture.
'Reflections on Intersectionality' -- a short but disquieting new essay from
Reflections on Intersectionality |
"[M]uch of it amounts to needless confusion and pain imposed on hapless young people by the bizarre tenets of a new faith."
The essay on intersectionality linked below explains life on my campus and in my community—where medical professionals are starting to wear pronoun badges—beautifully. This passage made me ask 1/2
"Elite campus culture is overcorrecting for more traditional forms of identity-based oppression by giving cis-straight-white students a choice between being honest with themselves and being held in high esteem by their peers."
This article by explains Ethan beautifully IMO.
A timely piece by . I agree with him that Crenshaw didn't intend for her observations to take their current form but it's been hijacked by authoritarians who grew it and use it as a vehicle for their own personal gain. Many are duped by this.
An important read. Intersectionality is not the only paradigm for analysing prejudice, nor is it a very effective one. Oppression cannot be reduced to algebra.
There he goes again. : "...intersectionality is...armchair philosophy. Its purveyors do not... gather evidence...and formulate theories... Instead, they pontificate..." "intersectionality’s intellectual flaws translate into moral shortcomings."
Coleman Hughes: "Perhaps the most pernicious consequence of intersectionality, however, is its effect on the culture of elite college campuses. .... intersectionality dominates the day-to-day culture. It operates as a master formula by which social...
.⁦⁩ offers an entirely different sort of critique of #intersectionality in ⁦⁩ than the one I published year a year ago.
This essay by provides a nice overview of how the original, viable & narrow version of intersectionality became an informal, fuzzy, cultural wave of toxic authoritarianism blind to the actual harms it causes.
"The main problem with intersectionality is that it’s an armchair philosophy. Its purveyors do not look at the social world, gather evidence about it, & formulate theories based on what they see. Instead, they pontificate about the world from a distance."
Reflections on Intersectionality by