I am absolutely stunned by these press restrictions for the Senate impeachment trial
NO STILL PHOTOGRAPHERS allowed to document the transfer of the articles to the Senate?!?!? I stand with the Standing Committee of Correspondents & scores of colleagues who cover the Capitol daily in condemning this outrageous breach of press freedom.
Mitch McConnell cracking down on audio and video of impeachment process
"The Standing Committee of Correspondents vigorously objects to restrictions being considered on press access during the upcoming Senate trial of President Trump," wrote the committees in a letter to & Tuesday
These restrictions on the press go against the constitutional right of freedom of the press, and have absolutely nothing to do with ensuring security. The American people need and deserve transparency and accountability during the impeachment trial.
Excessive restrictions like these only hurt the public who are rightfully seeking up-to-date information on an incredibly historic event such as the third impeachment trial of a U.S. president in history. I am floored.
The Senate will launch an unprecedented crackdown on the Capitol press corps for the Senate impeachment trial of President Donald Trump
United States senators aren't exactly huge fans of the free press, it turns out.
Impeachment trial security crackdown will limit Capitol press access via
“These potential restrictions fail to acknowledge what currently works on Capitol Hill, or the way the American public expects to be able to follow a vital news event about their government in the digital age,” the daily gallery committee said in a letter.
Impeachment trial security crackdown will limit Capitol press access via