The problem with Bill Barr's demands of Apple? There is no breaking into a single phone without showing the government how to break into all iPhones, writes .
Yes! "The safety of our nation does not depend on giving Attorney General William Barr the keys to spy on anyone with a mobile phone. In fact, it’s the opposite."
Think everyone in crypto should be following the Apple-Barr fight. The US government tried to enforce a company to provide a backdoor to whatever private keys are stored to access pin codes. Imagine it was for your coins...
It’s maddening is how disingenuous this is. What Barr wants is legislation. He knows full well Apple cannot do what he is asking, for any newer phones. But he’s making a show of asking for what he knows they can’t do, so he can cry about being “refused.”
Chatting about Bill Barr and Apple, Facebook passing the buck, and my tech predictions for this next decade:
And then I just go straight to the 👖 on 🔥 liar, who is obvi AG Bill Barr when it comes to Apple and encryption
On the latest show-fight with Apple over encryption