"The way the questions are framed could enable the government to go much further than the official purpose of the consultation, potentially launching one of the most severe restrictions on general freedom in the modern era." This is important. Please read
We have a Right to Roam on just 8% of England's land. The other 92% remains off limits. And now the Government is proposing to criminalise trespass...
We are currently doing a project with the Gypsy, Roma , Traveller community- if I wasn’t I might not realise how important this consultation is. Protecting the vulnerable and stigmatised is the job of our times. Please read and respond. The trespass trap
Astonishing that this is a priority for the new government - what to make of that?
The government is trying to turn tort law into criminal law just so it can prosecute gypsies; to say nothing of flying in the face of the right of necessity. (This article is written awfully because its Monbiot, but please get through it)
If Boris Johnson had pitched his tent in England, after his proposed criminalisation of trespass here, it may well have been a criminal offence. But not in Scotland, where he has taken advantage of rights we are denied in England.
Here's some background
The trespass trap: this new law could make us strangers in our own land, says