During a discussion with the editorial board, shares why former President Barack Obama broke his heart. See more on a special episode of #TheWeeklyNYT on and . Full transcript of Yang’s interview:
What government secret is most excited to learn? He divulges it to the editorial board — and it’s not what you’d expect. Read the full transcript of his interview with the Times’s editorial board
In | During “the coolest job interview of all time,” tells The Times’s editorial board why former President Barack Obama broke his heart. Watch the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates Sunday on #TheWeeklyNYT. Full transcript:
"I’m going to say I do not have confidence that any of my opponents get the internet." -
“We should just put money into Americans’ hands and then they would be able to procure food to provide for themselves and their families.” - Andrew Yang
W/, regretted their #climate silence: they had hoped to ask abt #climatechange they but 'ran out of time'. #SciComm
I miss Andrew Yang too.