"A recent study found that the proliferation of “sexy selfies” may be due in part to economic inequality, as women compete to earn the attention of a shrinking pool of successful men." Fascinating piece from
A man with a master’s degree is twice as likely to get a match on Tinder than a man with a BA Women with more education than their spouses are 93% more likely to be married to men with higher incomes than themselves My latest with
Men failing economically, women hardest hit An essay I wrote with about why the dating market is getting tougher for educated women
"Many young men may have simply decided to derive a sense of accomplishment from gaming, and a sense of sexual satisfaction from porn."
"The dating market for women is getting tougher. In part, this is because fewer men are attending universities. Why would male enrollment in higher education matter for women? Because women, on average, prefer educated men."
"The more professionally successful a woman is, the stronger her preference for successful men."
"Researchers analyzed 120 personal dating ads posted by men on the West Coast and Midwest. They found that two of the strongest variables that predicted how many responses a man received from women were years of education and income."
I found this excerpted quote from Harvard psychologist Marcia Guttentag particularly interesting. When scraps of male investment are all that's left, women find self-sufficiency more appealing
A great summary of the state of the field on the economics of sex and dating, by
Long read but really interesting. Have had this discussion with female friends way too many times to count. ”... educated women are not only competing against other educated women for educated male partners, but also against less educated women.”
On colleges with more men than women, steady relationships are more widespread. ... men demonstrate commitment in partnerships. On the other hand, when there is a surplus of women relative to men, women are more likely to adapt to men’s preferences.
We talk about why men are dropping out of the dating market