Brilliant piece by on the NYT's unhinged hostility to Britain.
On the New York Times’s strange jihad against Brexit Britain
The New York Times' bizarre campaign against Britain 
"The paper’s coverage has stood out as being especially ridiculous or defamatory, depending on your mood that morning" | on
Parts of the NYT have shifted from newspaper to ‘viewspaper’, argues ⁦⁦⁩, drawing on far-left writers willing to paint Britain as a nostalgic racist hellhole
What has the New York Times got against Britain? the paper's coverage of the UK is so bad
Murray's point could be made about most MSM: if there is a story that you know something about and the MSM version isn't quite right, you realise that if you can’t trust them on the things you know about, can you trust them on the things you don’t?
A very revealing article by on the New York Times' most peculiar vendetta against Britain.
"In no area in recent years has the NYT made itself more ridiculous than on the subject of the United Kingdom."
The New York Times' bizarre campaign against Britain 
A good piece from , if, like me, you've found the recent anti-British pieces rather disturbing.
This is a very good piece about a very sad phenomenon at a paper which really ought to know better
Two beautiful pieces of writing this morning I thought were the sublime John Gray in the New Statesman and Douglas Murray in
As I’ve been arguing for a while, the New York Times is simply misleading its readers about the UK. , whoever is commissioning this nonsense is doing you a disservice.
Magnificently readable piece from on the New York Times's bad habit of getting Britain wrong
. on it-girl 's spurious claims that Meghan Markle was chased out of the royal family because of her race
Very funny piece by ⁦⁩ on the NYT and Britain
Brilliant piece by ⁦⁩ on the ⁦⁩’ bizarre culture war vendetta against Britain, and how their lazy, spiteful and false journalism continuously lets down and misinforms their audience.
Fun column about poverty-stricken, mutton-eating Brits and why America's most prestigious paper keeps producing laughably inaccurate pieces presenting the UK as a racist hellhole.
“The New York Times is waging a culture war vendetta against the United Kingdom, but in doing so it is waging a campaign of misinformation against its own readers”
The New York Times' bizarre campaign against Britain 
I remember the NYT’s dispatch from Prescot. It was like reading a portrait of a third world country.
Take heed, readers:The New York Times' bizarre campaign against Britain 
. on the New York Times' decline from newspaper to viewspaper
"In the last few years I have often been struck by how off-piste some of their views are when it comes to the UK and the motivations of its citizens" |