This time-lapse required standing on the bridge while the wind threatened to knock me over and every centimeter of exposed skin ached. But it was worth it to see it today at ! Check out my latest story on the expedition:
"But the #ice does not whisper. It screams. Whenever the pressure builds up, you can hear a large hissing sound — almost like the screeching from an exploding soda bottle. It sizzles. It pops. It groans. And it does so loudly." -
. Professor Donald Perovich and Ian Raphel '18, Thayer '21, currently on the expedition, discuss their research and the future of Arctic ice. #DartmouthScholars
On a voyage to the top of the world, investigates how fast it's going to take feedback loops to melt the Arctic
Arctic ice is disappearing-- an expedition to the top of the world has to untangle the knotty physics of ice. #ArcticIce #EndofIce #Ice #Physics #GlobalWarming #ArticVoyage