EVERYBODY COVERED, Part 3: The Netherlands The Dutch have universal private health insurance. They've built an aggressively regulated private market to extend coverage to everybody. The system took effect in 2006, when a center-right govt was in charge
Democrats really, really shouldn't be making Medicare for All a purity test. There are multiple ways to achieve universal health care
In the Netherlands, everybody is covered under private insurance, with strict government rules to ensure affordability and access. And it’s working.
1/ In the Netherlands, a mandatory cooperative of doctors provides after-hours care for patients. It's a microcosm of their health care: a complex machine with many moving parts, providers working in concert to deliver medical care to their patients.
For months I've watched work tirelessly on a health care project. So worth your time: Taiwan’s single-payer story: Australia's public-private hybrid: Netherland's universal private insurance
“Dutch patients face higher financial barriers to care than their peers in more socialized systems, and spending has accelerated in recent years, trends the critics blame on the privatized market.” Insurance coverage =! Access to care
#healthcare #healthinsurance #healthcarecosts #HealthcareForAll #universalhealthcare #CMAdocs The Netherlands has universal health insurance — and it’s all private
The Dutch system of “private insurance with regulated prices for all” seems to work fine but I also really struggle to understand what the point of all this complexity is.
Great read for US folks re: Dutch health system: When universal coverage ≠ single payer: via
The #Netherlands 🇳🇱 has universal health insurance — and it’s all private Good analysis of the Dutch #UHC, health insurance and financing systems from