this just got a lot sketchier
THREAD: Robert Hyde today pointed the finger at a guy named Anthony de Caluwe, saying he merely copy-pasted Yovanovitch info from him & sent to Parnas. Hyde told me he met de Caluwe at a Trump fundraiser & at Trump hotel in DC (1/7)
People need to go to prison for this. It’s illegal! “They include screenshots of messages about the U.S. ambassador's movements that appear to have been sent to Hyde, who forwarded thems to Lev Parnas.”
Realer and realer
New text messages released by House Democrats on Friday indicate Robert Hyde was passing along information to Lev Parnas that he’d received from another Trump supporter who claimed knowledge of fmr. Amb. Yovanovitch’s whereabouts.
Texts suggest Robert Hyde passed along details about Yovanovitch whereabouts via