NEW: The non-Biden candidates are courting older black voters thru policy, but the problem is trust. Why believing in big change can be a privilege, and some of the moderateness of older black voters is actually pragmatism, born from deep govt mistrust
“[Rev. Jesse Jackson] said that his personal politics precluded him from voting for Mr. Biden in the Democratic primary...” “‘Bernie and Warren are on the right side of history — Biden is a moderate and our needs are not moderate,’ Mr. Jackson added.”
When Warren rallied in BK, I was in VA at a roundtable w/ black farmers skeptical abt her rural plan. The problem wasn't the plan. Or Warren herself. But they didn't believe govt upheaval could work in their favor, when govt has so often done the opposite
wrote this to also help explain why attempts to dislodge Biden's black support have been unsuccessful so far. these voters aren't unaware of his past, but skeptical of what biden alternatives are offering and don't trust the candidates offering it
"The reluctance to back Ms. Warren's candidacy stemmed from forces that predate 2020 or modern politics: a general belief that big change promised by elected officials, and white candidates in particular, never reaches black communities.
“In interviews with dozens of black voters...another theme emerges: Biden is also ahead because his leading rivals have yet to wrestle with how their promises of structural change must overcome historical distrust of the government in black communities.”
2) appealing to black voters through policy-first was always a limited ceiling. Black activists may represented where the black electorate is headed -- but they do not represent where it is
on a personal mission to move black voter coverage passed he-was-obamas-vp and have-they-heard-of-the-crime-bill