This is a great collection of data on preprint servers (collection of 44 relevant to life and biomedical sciences) - including ownership/governance, publication practices, metadata... tnx Jamie Kirkham #bioPreprints2020
Sorry I missed this! The plan was always to share a tidier sheet, v1 was a first dump to support conference talk. Tidier v2 is now live! It won't be perfect & I'm always willing to learn from you 😀 (I can't dedicate any more time to this data, though)
Thanks also to Jamie and Fiona for their work on these data, which are now live as MVP V1 here: #bioPreprints2020
Hey Bianca 👋 the v2 went live this weekend. This now includes the data broken down to individual cells, in .txt (tab-delimited, because commas are in the free-text answers!) and includes more data than in the first tables