Regardless of your personal feelings about Glenn, this is a regime with deep authoritarian tendencies personally targeting a critical journalist. It's a horrendous abuse of power that everyone should denounce.
I hope everyone here can call a temporary truce to stand with Glenn Greenwald, who could be in a genuinely dangerous situation right now
Like others, I've had my disagreements with over the years. But this isn't the time for those. The Bolsonaro government's effort to intimidate and threaten him is chilling. Everyone who cares about press freedom anywhere should denounce it.
BREAKING: In an OUTRAGEOUS violation of press freedom, the Brazilian government has ignored a Supreme Court order and charged journalist with "cybercrimes" for 's investigative series on widespread corruption in Brazil.
Glenn Greenwald has called me a "deceitful" mouthpiece of the national security state and I assure you I've rarely had a nice thing to say about him. But this is an outrageous assault on press freedom that should alarm every American.
This is almost certainly garbage. One of the proofs of Glenn Greenwald’s value to journalism is that his work genuinely bothers people with power.
Oh my god, this is beyond disturbing. The Bolsonaro regime has charged journalist with "cybercrimes" for publishing stories showing widespread corruption in Brazil.
This is a clear attack on the freedom of the press in Brazil and a massive injustice that must be condemned and immediately reversed by the relevant authorities. #VazaJato
New York Times: charged by prosecutors in Brazil with cybercrimes
Glenn's been awful on US politics for years. But these charges are almost certainly bullshit.
Terrible to see this. The theory that journalists can be prosecuted for publishing info that others obtained unlawfully (which I assume is the theory here, notwithstanding prosecution spin) is of course the basis for the US’s indictment of Assange, too.
This is despicable, dangerous and a crime against journalism. via
Glenn Greenwald is accused of being part of a “criminal investigation” that hacked into the cellphones of prosecutors and public officials.
This is outrageous.
Federal prosecutors in Brazil on Tuesday charged Glenn Greenwald with cybercrimes for his role in the spreading of cellphone messages that have embarrassed prosecutors and tarnished the image of an anti-corruption task force.
A disturbing attack on press freedom in Brazil. is absurdly charged with "cybercrimes" for his role producing award-winning journalism that exposed justice minister Sergio Moro's misconduct.
Wow. Glenn Greenwald has been charged cybercrimes in Brazil over his publication of hacked text messages that have embarrassed powerful govt officials
this is really bad
Shit. This is horrible.
I disagree with Greenwald about basically everything and he has been relentlessly unpleasant to people I work with. Which is why I feel it's important to say that this is a profoundly concerning assault on press freedom.
.’s prosecution by Bolsonaro is an example of a journalist being attacked for exposing those in power. Press freedom is absolutely essential in our democracy. My new bill will protect journalists from being prosecuted under the Espionage Act.
Bolsonaro & co are running scared, but this is an attack on the free press that should terrify every reporter
As a frequent critic of , I want to emphasize that, while I don't know details of his case beyond this article, no one should take Brazil's current gov at their word, and while stealing data is rightfully a crime, spreading it is much less clear
Sure puts all the journalist whining abt mean people on Twitter in perspective when is being threatened with prison for his relentless reporting on Bolsonaro’s fascist movement. This man has real courage. Solidarity with Glenn!!!
Journalist Glenn Greenwald "Charged With Cybercrimes in Brazil"
Sure sounds like Glenn Greenwald is being prosecuted for committing acts of journalism
It’s a threat to democracy when authorities like the Brazilian government use computer crime laws to threaten critics like , and it discourages all journalists from using technology to best serve the public.
You don't have to agree with take on American politics to appreciate the courageous reporting he's done in Brazil and how he has been targeted by it's fascist leader...Glenn Greenwald Charged With Cybercrimes in Brazil
Glenn is our friend and long time colleague. He is a founding board member of and has fought for press freedom his whole career. We are outraged & dearly hope he is okay. This blatant and disgusting act by the Bolsonaro admin cannot stand.
First they came for , then they came for and #Assange, now they are coming for . Who are they? Best friends: Surveillance Capitalism & National Populism. Mere condemnation is not enough. Think, resist, organize!
just seeing this now & will be asking questions of the govt - but, on its face, this is extremely troubling and looks like an effort to intimidate to stop reporting.
whether you like him or not you need to support Glenn Greenwald
The Bolsonaro government is going after , apparently for embarrassing them. I don't care at all whether you like Glenn or think he's a good leftist or whatever, this is bad, his reporting is good and he deserves your support
., a strong critic of Brazil’s far-right president, Jair Bolsonaro, published articles last year raising questions about the integrity & motives of key members of Brazil’s justice system. Now this...
No matter what you think of , this is clearly an investigation motivated by Brazil's homophobic President who behaves like an autocrat and doesn't want to have corruption exposed.
The accusation against is a grave assault on press freedom, and one more sign that Brazil’s democracy is wilting
This is a blatant effort by an authoritarian regime to silence and intimidate the press. Bolsonaro is a corrupt b-team fascist.
Como Latinoamérica debemos rechazar energéticamente el caso de #Lawfare contra el periodista
Muy grave el caso en el que Brasil acusa a por investigar, usando la excusa de "cibercrimen", como también se usó en Argentina contra gente que denunció el voto electrónico. En el caso de GG fue vital en caso Snowden y Lula entre otros
Seems quite clear that what has been charged with is 'practicing journalism.' This prosecution is disgusting
I don’t care what some of you may feel about Glenn as a person. I know that I have had my disagreements with him. But those of us who want journalism to thrive should stand against any government prosecuting a person for doing journalism. This isn’t hard.
This is what happens when the US government teams up with Trump-like fascists in another country who are persecuting a US citizen
This is an attack on a free press that everyone should fight vigorously, regardless of how you feel about Glenn Greenwald personally.
I certainly don't agree with on everything, but he goes out of his way to expose neglected, important issues that nobody else will. He and his husband also work with homeless Brazilians to care for stray dogs. Let's back here.
🚨 Brazilian prosecutors charged for reporting on text messages, claiming he's part of a "criminal organization" that hacked into cellphones: Context: published records from an anti-corruption taskforce:
No one’s done more to expose the Brazilian govt’s corruption than ⁦⁩. Unsurprisingly, they now want to jail him for it. #freeglenn
Glenn Greenwald charged with cybercrimes in Brazil. This is deeply disturbing and almost certainly politically motivated – he may not be everyone’s style of journalist but the corruption he’s uncovered in recent work is in the highest public interest.
Obv need to know more but never good when journalists are charged with crimes for stories they’ve reported
Prosecutors in #Brazil charge American journalist Glenn #Greenwald with cybercrimes for his role in the spreading of cellphone messages that have embarrassed prosecutors and tarnished the image of an anti-graft task force #InterceptBrasil
Mr. Greenwald is accused of being part of a “criminal investigation” that hacked into the cellphones of prosecutors and public officials.
Whatever you think of Glenn, the work of has been monumental over the last 12 months. This is a disgraceful shakedown by a pathetic, corrupt regime with too much to hide: Shame on you We once had such high hopes for you
Glenn Greenwald arrested in Brazil for 'cybercrimes' after publishing articles about corruption within the Brazilian government.
There is really no threat to the free press in Brazil right now; just ensuring its orderly conduct
The founder of the Qatari-funded ‘The Intercept Brasil’, Glenn Greenwald, Charged With Cybercrimes in Brazil. They hacked phones, illegally published private content hoping to influence the elections. He’s going to jail. Now investigate ‘The Intercept’.
Outrageous but predictable consequence of journalism that actually challenges power
. has been doggedly investigating the corruption of the current Brazilian government. This attempt to silence him will not work, and only succeed in bringing more attention to the malfeasance he's been pursuing. Hope he and his family are OK.
I'm no fan of , nor he of me, but this sounds like an attempt to target him for running investigative articles that embarrassed the right-wing Brazilian regime.
1. A short thread about the prosecution of . First to stipulate that I object to a lot of Glenn's writing over the last few years - my interpretation being that Glenn would invariably prefer to keep digging a hole than ever admit he was wrong.
An outrageous attack on press freedom. Solidarity with Glenn Greenwald
Whatever you think of , this is a true assault on press freedom and must be condemned without condition.
I think free press/free speech advocates need to keep a very close eye on how this develops New York Times: charged by prosecutors in Brazil with cybercrimes
Another major move of governments worldwide re-classifying journalists/publishers as being criminals/spies, so that they'll no longer be subject to that pesky public scrutiny of their actions. “Glenn Greenwald Charged With Cybercrimes in Brazil”
Glenn Greenwald Charged With Cybercrimes in Brazil
The government marked Glenn Greenwald long ago for exposing its exceptional corruption and amorality, and that of the people who swept him to power. That this move may have been inevitable makes it no less outrageous and chilling.
Waiting to see my first "Maybe Bolsonaro Isn't So Bad" take from 's haters
Glenn Greenwald Charged With Cybercrimes in Brazil - The New York Times via thanks