The Bernie Sanders campaign was the only one to respond to my request for comment about Brazil's decision to prosecute Glenn Greenwald. The Biden, Warren, Buttigieg, Klobuchar, Yang, and Steyer campaigns did not. Make of that what you will.
. Omar told me we must “use the diplomatic tools at our disposal to fight” Brazil’s prosecution of Glenn Greenwald. “This is horrific—and part of the rise in crackdowns on dissent by the authoritarian Bolsonaro regime,” she said.
URGENT! is the kind of investigative reporter that is so rare these days and he deserves our support. When exposing government corruption becomes a crime, democracy is at risk which is why I stand with Glenn Greenwald.
Why Glenn Greenwald’s Prosecution Is An Outrage 's first byline!
Why Glenn Greenwald’s Prosecution Is an Outrage.