The right to bear arms,  writes, "is informed by the settler history of the American nation and structured by hierarchies of race and gender"
"Twenty-two thousand people [armed white men] afraid of losing an expansive right to own and possess guns, seemingly unaware of how they’re the only ones who could protest in this manner."[email protected]
Responding in to the recent protest in #Richmond, examines the link between gun rights and white manhood by looking to our colonial roots, with quotes from Kathleen Brown's GOOD WIVES, NASTY WENCHES, AND ANXIOUS PATRIARCHS.
“What if this were 22,000 black nationalists, similarly armed, similarly enraged?” strong point from . It’s not just some weird coincidence that worldwide for 200 years the people in power have guns and the people out of power don’t
just thinking about the ways in which the right to gun ownership is still structured by race and gender
This essay offers a social history of the Second Amendment as a context of racism and colonialism, but fails to note that its roots in the English Bill of Rights.
This piece smacks of woke minority erasure, tbh. It ignores the many minority voices present at the 2A rally, and doesn't get the fact that it's actually gun control with a racist legacy of infringing upon minorities' right to self-defense we ALL have.