Everything you think you know about earthworms in North America is probably wrong.
There’s so much great #Ecology in this science story about worms, where they should be, & what they do to fallen leaves & soil when they move into places they shouldn’t be. Thank you @1juliarosen.
"The perils of an earthworm invasion are hard to grasp if you’ve been raised to believe that earthworms are good." But, uh, maybe we should have been keeping a closer watch over worms all along. @1juliarosen on *crazy worms*
ICYMI, I wrote about why earthworms aren’t as great as you think they are.
Earthworms are usually treated as gentle guardians of the soil. But these worms are different, @1juliarosen writes
So excited and proud to see take interest in our earthworm work. Hats off to @1juliarosen and for making the story come alive!
I’m so excited to see this story out in the world. It’s about our misplaced affection for earthworms, which now threaten the great worm-free forests of North America. #longreads
Reading this story about destructive worms made me think of my colleague 's work on soil.