Scottish medical doctor, Malcolm Kendrick, has just written a brilliant expose on his blog explaining, scientifically, why it is impossible for saturated fats to raise LDL cholesterol levels. Gmail
Excellent meta-analysis (454 studies!) on how N-fert changes soil microbial abundance and structure. Zhou et al.
estimated impact on jobs of tariffs on China
Apropos keto studies on mice and diabetes in humans. Thanks to Dr Jason Fung and Dr Zoë Harcombe
If you are interested in how good your board is at making decisions you can download our report from blog …. Thanks for sharing Roy.
Although cholesterol theory is stone dead industry will push statin to small children! Gmail
The newest version of Privacy Badger blocks tracking on , in Hangouts windows on and in comments on Google Docs.
Unregulated markets are so deadly to human society and environment that creation of markets automatically sets into play movements to protect society and envirnoment from the harm that they cause.
Here's the chair of the Oracy All-Party Parliamentary Group highlighting why we must develop oracy skills in young people . Please submit evidence before the 20th September
DAs speak out - NY Parole should help people turn their lives around, not become a recidivism trap #LessIsMoreNY #StillNotFree
Hmm! Now president says tweet was freedom of speech, hearing a travesty!
Dr. King said, "If you are not talking about race, you will have racism." Racism embedded in policy, practice, curriculum, individual attitudes and beliefs. Dr. Shariff Abdullah is the best for exploring deep identity and racism. .
Could #cannabis be used to treat #psychosis? comments on an article in the Daily Mail about research that suggests a compound found in cannabis could be useful as a medicine to treat psychosis. Read more at
On Hurricane Florence: John Mutter, a disaster researcher at said, “We need to rethink what we mean by disaster-related mortality and not just look at the week immediately following the event for related deaths.”
Real Time Economics: The U.S. Labor Market Looks Great. The Housing Market Not So Much. - [email protected] - San Diego State University Mail
❤️London. There's nowhere like it on the planet. Thanks for reminding me why. Learned a crap ton about this great 🏙from your post.
Today's STAT Health Tech: has a sharp analysis of 's new premium service; we also update you on state-sponsored hacking of health data, and an #AI designed to measure overall health status from EKG data
2018: Green Cities in the Age of Trump Arrangør: Klimaetaten i Oslo kommune
Make money AND save the world 👏💸🌏 Check out our executive director in !
reflects on the unjust & avoidable (social& economic) determinants of ill health of "high intensity users" of NHS
Numba 0.39.0 has been released! Python 3.7 support, lists of lists, PyCUDA style In/Out/InOut() wrappers, HTML inspect_types() in a Jupyter notebook, and POWER8 conda packages! Full announcement
hits a surprisingly neglected nail bang on the head - how the press sold Brexit, but instead of focusing on that, Labour then swallowed whole the framing of the "Northern Left Behind" narrative
Así recluta los doctorandos de #Ciencias de la #Salud #Universidad de pacotilla vía
It's this Saturday - The Rally to Save Theodore Roosevelt Park against destruction. February 2nd at 11:30 am Main entrance on Central Park West, American Museum of Natural History
A diagnosis of mental illness is more common than ever – did psychiatrists create the problem, or just recognise it? 1/2
If anyone on here ever wondered "why is David so utterly random?" mother, just turned 75, always into Am Dram and with her own dodgy show on Wythenshawe Community FM just sent me a sound file of one her "stories" more Ham than a Charcuterie. OMG!
"Well meaning?" Trump likes the fact that he has surrounded himself with courtiers who worry that he is a tantrum-proned emotional toddler who needs to be protected this way.
As Congress debates Alaska refuge drilling, Trump administration approves oil project in Arctic waters
The fast-melting Arctic is already messing with the ocean’s circulation, scientists say Until now, models have predicted something for the future ... but it was something that seemed very distant,” said the lead researcher in a newly published study.
One of my interviews about psychedelics and how they might find their way into medicine and life, from London last week: Rebel Wisdom interview - [email protected] - MichaelPollan Mail
Hurricanes are moving more slowly — which makes them even more dangerous The storms are dragging out the punishment they deliver to coastlines, research finds.
US, EU biggest importers of illegal Amazon ipe timber: report Greenpeace is urging consumers in the US and Europe to stop buying Brazilian ipe wood, after finding widespread fraud in the certification system.
Trump says his Bears Ears decision isn’t 'controversial.' But he's wrong.
#yeg Hear historic talk about rape shield law from breakfast fundraiser.
83% health professionals say UK will be unattractive place for research post Brexit
Koch brothers try to kill gas tax hike The gas tax issue is the latest test of the Koch brothers’ influence after Trump
Trump expected to sign bill calling climate change a "direct threat." Really.
Carbon tracker found that the Polish coal plant Ostroleka C is destined to economic failure if it is built.
Trump keeps saying the U.S. may stay in the Paris climate accord. And the media keeps believing him. Late Sunday night, British journalist Piers Morgan delivered some breaking news via Twitter:
Carbon Tracker - new report 2020 Vision Why you should see the fossil fuel peak coming
This prescient piece from Brad Setser in October, 2017: Apple's "missing exports" - "the so-called trapped corporate profits offshore waiting around for a tax holiday".
New polling shows just how unpopular impeachment is in battleground districts
Check out Monday briefing with updates on the #Idlib offensive from , the #Basra protests from and more insights into the impact of the cancelled IPO from Jean Francois Seznec
Visualising the carbon budget. Check latest animation and blogs from #CarbonTracker
London "flood events are set to increase under future climate change" £171 - £390 million/year by 2050 Ab$
This might be our 3rd anniversary at Virta Health, but it’s still Day One at the office, and time to get back to our mission of reversing type 2 diabetes in 100 million people by 2025.
#Iran: police violently attacked International Women’s Day rally 8 March. It urged an end to gender discrimination. 80+ people arrested. Some still detained. SEE: Families demand their release. VIDEO: Via .
Carbon Tracker takes a closer look at the climate risk disclosures of the eight largest oil and gas companies: BP, Chevron, Conoco Phillips, ENI, Exxon Mobil, Royal Dutch Shell, Statoil and Total. Check their performance here
Karbondebatten 22. januar fra kl 13:00 til 15:00 Toppsenteret, Forskningsparken Hvor mye CO2 kan vi slippe ut og fremdeles holde temperaturøkingen under 1.5 C
Get insights into #Iran protests this Friday at panel 'The Realities Behind Iran’s Demonstrations.' Register at
The Eatwell Guide is nutritionally deficient of animal fat. Zoë Harcombe - 9th July 2018Gmail
Trump's lack of nuclear knowledge is what's really scary
Malcolm Gladwell—Why It’s So Hard to Spot a Lie
Great symposium on Physical Activity, Fitness, & Cardiovascular Health: Insights From . Bottom line, being active & fit will not only fight disease but also will improve the quality of your life; you'll feel great. Make the commitment now.
Experimental treatment slows prion disease, extends life of mice - [email protected] - Gmail
CEO Daily: China Takes Lead in Fortune Global 500 - [email protected] - Gmail
here the intv with Josta van Bockxmeer, of the Financial Daily, The Netherlands. goood questions ...great layout
FINALLY! This victory is long overdue.
Are #MECFS Patient Organizations Militant?
Just out from Alan Kingstone et al: Sensory reward cues can promote riskier decisions and have additional and distinct effects on arousal
What might the backlash of today's #sex/#gender #SocialEngineering look like? Let's ask #China: . . . . .
CC me then if you like (at ), my name is likely to be recognised from past reports etc.
I only stopped saying "“ a month ago
Journal club with Caitlin Mills: The role of the hippocampus in mind wandering
"... the examination of stable isotope biomarkers in human fingernails of travelers who ventured away from Salt Lake City, UT and subsequently returned." Ab$
White House seeking more clean energy cuts despite congressional opposition Trump is preparing to ask for even deeper funding cuts to clean energy research at the Energy Department -- just months after Congress rejected proposed cuts to those offices.
For the record, the format I typically copy/paste looks like this
Just because asks for one, doesn't mean you HAVE to provide a graphical abstract
RCT did not find Omega-3 fatty acids produced a better mental state in working populations.
Sex ratio...cows...
We shouldn't be surprised that #MERS-CoV is still creeping around the globe--and still with no cure or vaccine. There is a new case in #Malaysia. Here's great related commentary by .
how to get rid of a beer belly without getting rid of beer -- cut sugar!!!
: The most accurate climate change models predict the most alarming consequences, study finds
Why the wind and solar lobby is terrified of the Senate tax plan
Former #FDA commissioners oppose Senate effort that would allow DOD to approve some drugs and medical devices for use by troops.
#BertaCáceres’ murder was not an isolated incident, but a strategy to control, neutralize & eliminate all opposition
Brilliant! All-female Kruger Black Mamba anti-poaching unit! Don't mess with their #wildlife or them!
State corrections spent $8.1B on prison health 2015. Great state data on cost & trends.
Interior Department could cost taxpayers at least $60 million by rolling back Obama rule
Will #POTUSTrump develop Stockholm Syndrome? Frm re anti-Supremacist statement & #Charolettesville .
Our favorite science and medicine stories from 2016.
Excellent article from (Robert Reece) on long term benefits for whites from enslavement of blacks in the U.S.