Folks celebrating the end of this attempted coup. All asking me are Biden, Schiff, Comey, Hillary, etc going to get away with this. I told them keep watching
I worked closely with STEVE BANNON in the Trump campaign in 2016. He was terrific. No one understands the reasons for victory better than Steve. His WAR ROOM is a must. So is his interview with me released today at
In tonight’s episode we will show you the documents that prove there was an attempt to murder Viktor Shokin, our first witness in the Biden-Poroshenko double bribery case.
Today on Common Sense a witness presents evidence of Democrats using Obama-Biden NSC to order Ukrainian prosecutors to dig up dirt on the Trump campaign. Earliest date for conspiracy - 1/16. 2 more witnesses & memorandum. Go to
Now for a scandal that will surpass Teapot Dome. The BIDEN FAMILY ENTERPRISE monetizing Joe’s office for decades & cashing in when he was POINT MAN. Each time Joe was named “POINT MAN” his family cashed in millions. Follow the documents + money at
Today we will release another episode of the Trial. You will see and hear actual evidence-witnesses and documents-showing the crimes committed by Biden and his family. The Biden family has made millions selling his public office. Go to and watch now.
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Common Sense with EP. 1: Since No Crimes Exist, It Must Be Dismissed #UnimpeachablePhonecall