The "Dance your PhD" winner this year is astonishing. The difference in the development of Zebra Fish brains raised in social groups v. isolation. I would watch a several hour piece on this, done in this style.
This year's "Dance your PhD" winner is... PHENOMENAL. How social connections during development affect movement, in zebrafish. New Oscars category: the memorial C.P. Snow award?
Dance your PhD 2019! Amazing dance video made by Antonia Groneberg and her colleagues at , about the social life of #zebrafish ;) ..
😳 Now this is next level science communication! Dance your PhD 2019 - Social experiences in larval zebrafish and their b... via 👉🏼and rightly so...
Awesome video about coordinated movement in Zebrafish. , winner of Dance your PhD. Love it.
Fantastic to see that has won the Dance Your PhD prize for her work labs - with some magic #zebrafish #sciencetwitter #scientistscandance