So happy to announce the opening of a new EU-funded training network: PUSHH - Palaeoproteomics to Unleash the Study of Human History! 7 EU Universities will recruite 14 PhD candidates very soon. Follow and check the PUSHH PhD projects out at:
4 PhD positions now available on palaeoproteomics for human evolution! Apply by May 4: Supervisors: , , , and myself. Part of the . 💶 from 🇪🇺
Interested in more? Looking for a PhD? The will explore hominin/hominid palaeoproteomes. #PUSHH is in the process of recruiting 14 #PhD positions (!), check out
And the adventure continues with the new ! Do you want to join? The call for two PhD positions are out now: One (UK) and one at (UK) . More coming! Check the PUSHH website out:
We're now live! is a European Training Network aimed at unleashing palaeoproteomics-based research in human history and hominid evolution: