NYT results page. Take two.
Now 92% of Iowa Democratic caucus vote reporting. Sanders still leads popular vote.
With 86% of Iowa vote released, Bernie Sanders still holds small lead in popular vote. Has led all the way, despite media focus on SDEs.
The #IACaucus results say that 668 precincts have yet to report. 259 of those are in counties where Bernie Sanders currently leads.
Iowa Democratic Party says it has now reported 97% of caucus results. Sanders has slightly expanded popular vote lead.
So got more votes but Buttigieg got more “SDE’s”? Who knew Iowa had an Electoral College?!
Buttigieg now with an 86 percent chance to win the most SDEs, according to our forecast model
What happens next?
Releasing partial results was a mistake. But note that Sanders led popular ‘vote’ in both first and final rounds. Very likely true in 2016 as well, and the sort of information activists sought to have more transparently available.
The 550 vs. 547 is the state delegate equivalents, which is what is traditionally used to call who won Iowa. This year they also tracked a "popular vote", which is how many people caucused for a candidate. Sanders > Buttigieg in "popular vote"
The holds a place of pride in destroying confidence in basic mechanics of voting, with the fuckup in Iowa only being most-recent example (see butterfly ballot, DNC emails screwing Bernie, etc). Way to go, Dems. And you want to be our latex salesman?